Hackney ponies

Hackney Horses and Ponies

Leah Marshall is on a mission – she is increasing awareness of Hackney Horses and Ponies which are now officially listed with the Rare Breed Survival Trust.
Hackneys were once seen all over the UK – particularly London – and the US, as they pulled carriages around towns and the countryside. Horses were replaced by cars as the primary means of transportation and Hackney ponies were deemed unable to contribute to society and so declined considerably.
‘I got my first Hackney over a decade ago,’ says Leah. ‘Back then, the breed was very low in numbers and today it is even worse – with only 50 left in the UK – it’s terribly sad. I decided I must do something to save this amazingly versatile breed.’
Leah’s campaigning is being recognised and has contributed to her winning the Carriage Driving Magazine’s Award of Young Sport’s Personality of the Year.
‘I strive to get my driving ponies out to events to demonstrate just how user-friendly Hackneys are. If you find the right one they are great as children’s ponies and can be used for all kinds of equine pursuits. They eat up the miles and are really sure-footed and make fabulous hacks’
Leah’s driving ponies have won numerous national competitions. Her pony Stapleford March won the Pony Category and stood Reserve Champion across the whole field at CIAT Concours d’Internationl d’Attelage de Tradition.
Leah says: ‘education of the breed to the wider equine audience will, in time, see an upturn in numbers’
Sorbeo is proud to be supporting the Hackney Pony cause.
See how you can help: visit www.hackney-horse.org.uk