Wood Pellets Bedding for Horses

Wood pellets bedding for horses are the ultimate alternative to the more traditional beddings like straw and shavings. Many horses owners are converting to wood pellets bedding for horses because they are low maintainance and cost effective.

Wood Pellets Bedding for Horses

Here at Sorbeo Horse Bedding we can guarantee that each bag of wood pellets horse bedding is packed with 18kg of premium pellets made from 100 per cent sustainable Spruce Pine from Scotland’s forests. Each pallet we dispatch is stacked with 55 bags.

Our pine is roasted over a number of days. The temperature of our ovens is raised slowly drying out the wood completely before it is put through the pellet maker. The natural resins in the wood bind it together to form each pellet.

When the wood pellet bedding for horses is activated with water (up to 7 litres per bag) it expands to more than three times its size giving you the ultimate stable bedding.

You will find that there is very little waste with Sorbeo wood pellets bedding for horses as it falls away from your mucking out fork leaving clean, dry bedding in your stable and not in your barrow.

We take out all the moisture in our wood pellets bedding for horses so that your horse can put it all back in.

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