Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding

You have stumbled upon the best wood pellets for horse bedding you can buy.

wood pellets for horse bedding

Sorbeo Horse Bedding promises to be the best dedicated wood pellets for horse bedding brand on the market. Our bedding is made from 100 per cent Spruce Pine (the softest pine) from sustainable Scottish forests. Nothing added and only moisture taken away.

Many of our customers have used wood pellets for horse bedding before and have converted to Sorbeo for its ultimate absorbency, low price, dedicated service and delivery. On ordering, we can deliver to your yard within five working days (although usually it’s within three).

If you are new to using wood pellet bedding for horses then please get in touch with your queries and questions or check out our informative videos on how to use wood pellets for horse bedding. Our customers say that using Sorbeo has brought joy into mucking out every day! They have more time to ride, smaller muck heaps and more money in their pocket.

Try wood pellets for horse bedding – try Sorbeo – Best in Horse Bedding

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