Horse Bedding

Choosing the right horse bedding for you and your horse

We all love going to bed – and your horse is no different. If you really care about your horse you need to ensure that you choose the best bedding.

There is a huge variety of horse bedding on the market from traditional favourites like straw and shavings to more modern horse bedding choices like cardboard and hemp.

Straw: The cheapest option but it is bulky and can smell. Your compost heap will quickly take over your yard. Straw harbours fungus which can be dangerous to your horse’s respiratory system. And your horse might eat his own bed.

Shavings: Probably the most commonly used horse bedding. But horses can breathe in dust and quality varies. Once a cheap sawmill by-product, the price has been going up.

Paper and Cardboard: Sold in compacted bales. Paper around the yard and is heavy to lift when wet. But it is dust free.

Hemp: Designed for use as a thick bed which is then disturbed as little as possible. Expensive to start with but more absorbent than straw or shavings. Additives combat smell.

Wood pellets: Twice as absorbent as wood shavings, easy to store and easy to use. There is very little waste and they compost quickly. Sorbeo pellets are made from light colour virgin timber for high absorbency rates. Dark wood pellets tend to be less absorbent.

Sorbeo horse bedding is made from premium grade timber from Scotland’s forests – which guarantees its source. We use pale spruce pine timber to make the bedding which retains its pine freshness and antiseptic qualities. And each finished bag of our bedding weighs 18Kg… bigger than most other brands, yet very manageable.

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