Equine Horse Bedding

Choosing The Right Equine Horse Bedding

Equine Horse BeddingChoosing the right equine horse bedding is simply a matter of choice. What suits you and your horse doesn’t always suit the horse in the stable next door.

With a multitude of equine horse bedding out there, it can get confusing. Straw or shavings? paper or wood pellets? Rubber mats or no rubber mats?

But we can help you.

Equine Horse Bedding

At Sorbeo we have done our homework. By far your best option is a wood pellet bedding. It is easy to use, inexpensive and good for your horse.

Sorbeo equine horse bedding is the space-saving, healthy option.

Once our wood pellets are ‘fluffed up’, the bed you have is dry and dense which is good on any type of flooring – whether it be concrete, rubber matted or a natural earth floor.

This equine horse bedding creates a firm base which is easy to maintain, good for your horse’s feet and requires the minimum of topping-up. We reckon you’ll need just one bag a week.

By using Sorbeo dust is kept to a minimum. The grainy particles fall easily from your fork leaving whole droppings on your fork.The bedding remains largely undisturbed.

Sorbeo pallets are stacked with 55 x 18kg bags which only take up the same amount of space as a few square bales of hay or straw. And a pallet could last you up to 10 months for the average horse or pony.

A better night’s sleep is always guaranteed!

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