Horse Bedding Pellets

Horse Bedding Pellets

Horse Bedding PelletsHorse Bedding Pellets are becoming increasingly popular as a natural alternative to commonly used straw and shavings.

Horse Bedding Pellets are cost-effective, easy to use, less bulky to store and good for your horse. More and more people are using Horse Bedding Pellets and buying direct from the factory.

The problem is which Horse Bedding Pellets are the best and how do you know what you are buying?

There are plenty of Horse Bedding Pellets on the market now: some are sold in plain bags and others are branded. But it can be a minefield to those exploring the market for the first time.

Sorbeo Horse Bedding Pellets

Different companies use different wood and processes to manufacture their Horse Bedding Pellets – and this affects the final pellet in absorbency and colour. Cooked too hot and the Horse Bedding Pellets become dark and dusty and means a less absorbent pellet. A dark colour may indicate that bark was mixed into the manufacturing process and these pellets will most likely have a high ash content which makes them less absorbent.

Sorbeo is a premium brand and we can assure our clients that each 18kg bag is packed with first class Horse Bedding Pellets made from sustainable, spruce pine softwood from Scottish forests. Our Horse Bedding Pellets are slowly roasted over a number of days thus retaining absorbency, colour and their natural antiseptic properties.

Our Horse Bedding Pellets fluff up to twice – even three-times – their original volume giving your horse the best bed which is easy to maintain. the pellets continue to grow even after the stable is laid.

Sorbeo – high-quality, super absorbent, cost-effective Horse Bedding pellets. A natural product which offers a real alternative to traditional stable bedding. Sorbeo – best in horse bedding.

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