Wood Pellet Bedding

Wood Pellet Bedding – a low-cost, time-saving alternative

Wood Pellet BeddingYour life is about to get a whole lot easier…

Organic wood pellet bedding like Sorbeo is becoming increasingly popular for low cost and ease of use.

As soon as water or moisture are added the wood pellets expand as they absorb it – just like a dry sponge.

Sorbeo wood pellets can suck up to nine times more liquid than wood shavings and yet the wood pellets come in easy to handle sacks.

Wood Pellet Bedding

Wood pellet bedding is environmentally friendly, dust free, quick to compost and vet-approved for laminitic horses and ponies.

Sorbeo pellets are made from light colour virgin timber for high absorbency rates in our wood pellet bedding. Dark wood pellets tend to be less absorbent.

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