Horse Bedding Shavings

If you’re looking for horse bedding shavings then why not try Sorbeo horse bedding. It is a great alternative and you’ll quickly realise that it is easier and quicker to use and will keep your muck heap to a minimum. Not only that – it’s probably going to be cheaper.

Wood pellet bedding is fast becoming the nations favourite bedding as more and more people stray away from potentially dusty horse bedding shavings and straw.

The average time to muck out a stable of wood pellets is between 2 and 5 minutes as the bedding falls easily through the fork – so there is very little waste. You will find horse bedding shavings stay on the fork as it does not fall to the ground so easily… so more will end up in your wheelbarrow.

Sorbeo horse bedding decomposes far more quickly than horse bedding shavings as the wood used has been roasted over a number of days so speeding up the decomposition process.

A pallet of Sorbeo is just 1m x 1.20 x 1m and can last one horse a whole year. Compare that with the size of a pallet of horse bedding shavings. Sorbeo is far less bulky and will take up less space in your yard.

Use Sorbeo horse bedding – it’s far less mucking about.

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