Cheap Horse Shavings

Cheap Horse Shavings vs Sorbeo Horse Bedding

Cheap Horse ShavingsWhy buy cheap horse shavings which are dusty, bulky and labour intensive when you can get Sorbeo Horse Bedding for the same price.

Cheap horse shavings might seem like a good idea especially if you’re used to using them, so why change?

We all like to stay within our comfort zone and stick with what we know. Changing horse bedding is hard but at Sorbeo we believe that once converted you will never look back.

Horse Bedding

Many of our fans used to use cheap horse shavings and now they wouldn’t use anything other than Sorbeo. Sorbeo Horse Bedding is the obvious alternative – time saving, space saving, labour saving and best of all cost-effective. Sorbeo is good for your horse’s health and will suit any animal with allergies. Made from slow-roasted spruce pine, Sorbeo retains its natural antiseptic qualities, looks and feels great.

Sorbeo Horse Bedding is a premium brand and currently costs just £459 per pallet which includes VAT and delivery to mainland UK. Every 990kg pallet (1.4m x 1m x 1.2m) is stacked with 55 handy 18kg bags which expand to double/three-times their original size. And once the stable is made, the bedding keeps on growing. Sorbeo is delivered in a lorry with a tail lift and pallet trolley – just tell us where you would like it delivered.

Forget cheap horse shavings – go for Sorbeo – best in horse bedding.

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