Horse Bedding Wood Pellets

Alternative To Straw – Horse Bedding Wood Pellets

Horse Bedding Wood PelletsHorse bedding wood pellets are the 21st century alternative to straw, shavings, paper and other bedding options.

Sorbeo horse bedding wood pellets are made from sustainable premium grade timber from Scotland’s forests. At Sorbeo we use 100% pale spruce wood which is light and more absorbent than darker woods.

Made specifically as horse bedding wood pellets, Sorbeo is dense and long-lasting as it absorbs more moisture and takes longer to break down.

Horse Bedding Wood Pellets

Our horse bedding wood pellets are dust-extracted and as the wood is fed into the pellet maker every milligram of moisture is driven out. This means you’re not paying for unwanted moisture – let you horse produce that!

Ultimately, Sorbeo horse bedding wood pellets are easier to transport and have lower carbon emissions – so improving your carbon hoof print!

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