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Why Teddy The Shetland loves Sorbeo…

Small but mighty – Teddy the Shetland might be our smallest brand ambassador, but with his large list of famous friends (including the late Queen!) and his playful character larger than his own stable, we like to make sure he is snoozing on only the best bedding so he is ready for more awesome adventures.

As Teddy took over our Instagram account in June 2023, we learned how much he loves his snax, stable, and of course… his Sorbeo siestas (he lives a hoofin’ awesome life) – and also what he loves most about Sorbeo horse bedding.

Check out our Instagram highlight to see what Teddy gets up to at the weekend and what snax he likes best (we definitely approve) but here is what Teddy loves most about his Sorbeo stable:

  • “it smells like forests… because it’s 100% wood and sustainable”
  • “its the comfiest mattress in the world to roll on and get those hard to reach scratchez”
  • “it’s (apparently) very very easy to muck out, even when I sprinkle my snax all over it”
  • “it’s very easy to make up – either in a wheelbarrow or in the bag. Just add water, eat breakfast and hey presto!”
  • “It’s biodegradable – so Mr Farmer loves it”