We are taking covid-19 very seriously…

Sorbeo is taking the current Covid-19 situation very seriously and we are working to ensure supplies of horse bedding are distributed effectively, efficiently, safely and fairly. As directed by the Government and health organisations we are bringing in measures to protect our production output, staffing levels and distribution channels. These include:

    • No signature will be required on digital devices or paperwork.
    • No paperwork will be left.
    • Drivers have been asked to keep a distance of 2 metres from customers/staff and have been briefed on the importance of handwashing and respiratory hygiene. All drivers carry hand sanitiser for regular handwashing through the day.
    • Sorbeo staff have been made aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 and how to report their conditions and self-isolate as recommended by the NHS.
    • Office based staff where possible will work from home.
    • Standby delivery drivers
    • Vehicle decontamination procedures (if vehicles are shared/transferred)

In order for Sorbeo to continue to operate efficiently we require our customers to assist us with the following:

    • Please order in good time (at least 7 days notice if possible)
    • Order calmly, efficiently and as required.
    • Please work with us to keep deliveries efficient by remaining flexible on delivery dates, times and amounts.
    • Please try to reduce unnecessary contact with the driver and reduce their time on site by:
      • Unlocking/opening gates and doors in advance
      • Having storage space ready for delivery
      • Moving obstacles such as cars, pallets and farm & garden equipment away from the driver’s route to the store
      • Wedging doors open where possible, particularly if access to the delivery connections is indoors to reduce surface contact
      • Attach any specific delivery instructions somewhere the driver can easily see them
    • Reduced contact:
      • Ideally by keeping a distance of 2 metres
      • Not offering a drink, which in normal circumstances is a wonderful, generous act and drivers are very grateful, however it is not appropriate during this time.

These measures are being introduced throughout the entire structure of our business and are designed to protect customers, contractors and staff.

We are continuously monitoring our procedures and listening to government advice. We will keep you informed.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Sorbeo Team