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Return your used Sorbeo bags for recycling – FREE!

Introducing our new recycling scheme

In a mission to help you ‘Reduce Your Carbon Hoofprint’, Sorbeo has come up with a new Sorbeo bags recycling scheme.

Our Sorbeo bags are made from LDPE04 plastic which is recyclable. Your council should take your empty, used bags along with your kerbside collection but if they don’t, here’s what you can do to make sure they don’t end up in landfill.

Fill it. Seal it. Send it.

How to use it Sorbeo’s own recycling service.

1. Send us an email, or call 01466 700367 with your address and postcode and we will send you a labelled sack.

2. Fill your sack with 55 empty Sorbeo bags – that’s a pallet’s worth.

3. Seal the sack and take it to your post office for scanning.

That’s it!

Your parcel of bags will be brought back to us for recycling.

Rest assured that all of our bags will remain in the UK and will be made into picnic tables, benches, planters, decking, feed troughs, dog kennels and much more useful stuff.

Have a look at our nifty ‘how-to’ video showing the process and reduce your carbon hoofprint today!