Sorbeo price increases

Lots of you are asking why we have had to increase our prices so much.

It’s unfair but true. Our prices remained static for two years as manufacturing prices began to rise – but we held tight. But now, we are no longer able to absorb increasing production costs.

In an already fragile market – after Brexit and Covid, we’ve now been hit by the Ukraine Crisis which is affecting fuel and energy costs globally and we can no longer sustain the hits.

In short:

Energy and power prices have increased six-fold – up 600%

Packaging manufacturing has doubled – up 200%

Haulage and fuel prices are being affected daily – up 20%

Physical pallets have doubled in price – up 200%

We are a living-wage employer


And now, forest harvesting will be hit by new government legislation.

From the 1st April 2022, new legislation of Red Diesel means we are no longer allowed to use it on our manufacturing and processing site. Lorries taking timber away from the forests will have to use standard diesel.

We are doing our best to keep Sorbeo price increases at a minimum and we hope you appreciate how difficult things are at the moment – as a result of the high production costs, Sorbeo is up to £7.63 a bag (based on a full pallet) – that’s 42p a kilo.

Remember, alternative beddings contain at least 20% moisture – Sorbeo is less than 5% – that means you’re not paying for unwanted moisture – let your horse produce that!

Rest assured that Sorbeo is the best sustainable horse bedding in the UK today, and offers a fabulous alternative to traditional forms of bedding. Its labour saving qualities are second to none – in fact, it takes longer to change your horse’s rug than it does to muck out a stable of Sorbeo!

Buy Sorbeo today and join the revolution!

Don’t forget – we recycle all your used Sorbeo bags for FREE! Order your returns sack here