Dusty wood pellet bedding? How to manage over dry bedding…

Dusty wood pellet bedding
Dusty wood pellet bedding

Dusty wood pellet bedding? Wood pellet bedding works best when there’s moisture around – in the air, on the ground or from your horse. During the summer months or exceptionally dry periods, your wood pellet bed might become over dry.

When this happens the wood particles have broken down too far and your bed might become less effective. Don’t lose heart! Follow these few simple tips and your bed will be as manageable as before:

  • Revitalise your over dry wood pellet bedding by spraying the whole area with water – use a hose with a sprinkler or a watering-can with a rose to bring the particles back together.
  • Avoid turning the bed – and don’t take the bed back during the daytime.
  • Gently rake the top layer of dry particles away from the sides. Bring them into the middle to where your horse pees most.
  • Try to use less bedding in summer. A thinner bed will go a long way. This works best if you’re on rubber mats too.
  • If your horse doesn’t produce any wet at all and is really clean (yes, there are a few out there!) you might have to remove all your old bedding. Hopefully your horse has a wet neighbour – just put the old bedding in those very messy stables! It will soon get absorbed.
  • When you want to add a new bag of Sorbeo, fork/rake your old bedding from one of the sides into the middle of your stable and add your new bag to the clear area which you have created.

NOTE – not all wood pellets are equal
Many wood pellets for sale in the UK today are meant for the fuel market and are made from compressed sawdust and by-products from sawmills. These are not to be used for horse bedding. They can be very powdery when they break down and are made from dust – some even contain MDF dust which is carcinogenic when inhaled. They are also only subject to 5% VAT – which makes them cheaper but it is illegal to use them as horse bedding.

Use Sorbeo – it’s 100% sustainable, dust extracted and made on the UK!