Sorbeo is the best bedding for horses and ponies – read on…

There are so many stable bedding options around at the moment – how do you know which is the best bedding for horses?

We are confident that you can’t go far wrong by choosing Sorbeo.

Sorbeo is a completely natural product offering a real alternative to the more traditional forms of horse bedding including wood shavings, straw, paper and cardboard.

Made from 100% spruce pine which has natural antiseptic qualities, Sorbeo makes a dense but soft supportive bed ideal for horses with hoof issues or for simply keeping feet healthy. It will heal thrush, dry out mud fever, keep mites out of feathers and give support to laminitic horses and ponies. Hooves won’t be starved of moisture and any sand cracks, grass cracks or seedy toe will improve, encouraging healthy hoof growth.

While you need to add water to the bedding initially, Sorbeo will continue to absorb any moisture that your horse produces. This best bedding for horses will fluff up to around three times it’s volume – and not only will it stay dry, but odours will be absorbed too.

Horses and ponies with allergies and asthma will be safe on Sorbeo. Rest assured that dust-free Sorbeo harbours no mites or spores which make your horse cough. Any animal with breathing issues will be comfortable on Sorbeo too – it’s by far the best bedding for horses and ponies.

Put simply, Sorbeo won’t let you or your horses down.