Sorbeo – the most absorbent horse bedding! Check it out…

Sorbeo is a super absorbent horse bedding that provides a high quality and cost effective bed. It absorbs up to three times its own volume of water making a rich, soft, pale, perfect bed which is comfortable and supportive. It’s ideal for horses and ponies with foot issues or simply for their general well-being… it’s hypoallergenic too! Therefore it won’t cause any allergic reactions.

Sorbeo absorbent horse bedding is made from virgin spruce pine soft wood collected from sustainable Scottish forests. Our wood is slowly roasted over a few days using our own biomass boilers which extracts every milligram of moisture from the finished pellets. This unique process retains the colour of the bedding and improves its overall absorbency. More moisture is absorbed over a longer period of time making Sorbeo the ultimate absorbent horse bedding. Sorbeo easily absorbs all the moisture produced by your horse making mucking out effortless.

See Sorbeo super absorbent horse bedding in action…

Sorbeo is perfect for the muckiest of horses – and the wettest. Horses and ponies which suffer from Cushings disease do really well on Sorbeo as they are generally wetter in their stables. The supportive nature of the bedding is ideal for laminitics too – one of the symptoms of the condition.

It’s not only moisture that Sorbeo soaks up – odours are simply absorbed too massively reducing ammonia levels in the stable safeguarding your horse’s health.

Sorbeo is completely natural therefore it’s a great alternative to traditional forms of bedding like straw, shavings or cardboard.

It is important for you to know that not all wood pellet bedding’s are the same. There are a lot of imported pellets in the UK that just don’t cut the mustard!. They are often made of compressed sawdust and by-products which are held together by a chalky additive. These will disintegrate resulting in a chalky, dusty-like bed which is really no good for horses or ponies.

Sorbeo says:

‘What the wood pellet is made from is really important. Some woods are a lot harder than others resulting in a far less absorbent horse bedding – and if the wood is cooked at too high a temperature the pellets become very dusty as they break down. Sorbeo uses sustainable spruce pine from Scottish forests – which is the best for absorbent horse bedding… spruce pine also has naturally antiseptic qualities which is ideal for horses with foot problems.’

Made in Scotland and delivered direct to your stable door. Order today!