Want to become a Sorbeo Horse Bedding Supplier?

We are looking for new Sorbeo horse bedding suppliers across the UK.

Many of our customers are keen to find Sorbeo at their local store where they can buy by the bag and not by the pallet. This is the preferred option for many people as it offers convenience and flexibility, an aspect that is very important to our customers.

Some private yards have limited access and are unable to take delivery from large haulage trucks of between 7.5 and 18 tonnes. These owners have to buy their bedding by the bag from local horse bedding suppliers.

Sorbeo is ideal to transport in small cars and 4x4s. It is simple to carry around 10 bags of bedding or more in the boot of a car. As we recommend one bag a week per horse, potential customers can easily transport more than two month’s supply of bedding at any one time.

Our pallets are stacked with 55 x 18kg bags which is a year’s supply of bedding for one horse.


horse bedding suppliers sorbeo


People love Sorbeo:

  • Saves time and money
  • Waste is reduced to a minimum
  • It is highly absorbent
  • Halves mucking out time
  • 100% natural


Horses love Sorbeo:

  • Naturally antiseptic and fresh
  • Absorbs odor and moisture
  • It’s the best bed for laminitics
  • Provides a clean, dry, comfortable stable
  • It’s the perfect bedding for horses and ponies with allergies and asthma


For horse bedding suppliers we offer good rates on multiple pallet loads of 13 and 26. Please get in touch for more details: sales@sorbeohorsebedding.co.uk