sorbeo and the growth of wood pellet bedding for horses

Mucking out taking hours?  Barrow loads of manure?  Enormous muck heap?

It’s time to change.

Sorbeo is at the centre of a new revolution of bedding for horses.

Gone are the days of mounds of straw and shavings which are time-consuming and, these days, pretty expensive.

Wood pellet bedding for horses now accounts for 20 per cent of the total bedding market in the UK and continues to grow. Since 2011, growth has increased significantly from 8 per cent. And in 2006 there were no recorded horse-owners using wood pellet bedding at all.

Straw usage continues to decline as has the use of shavings. Wood pellet bedding for horses has gained from their losses.

The new and popular bedding for horses on the market is Sorbeo – a wood pellet-based horse bedding which is highly absorbent, dust free, naturally antiseptic, 100% natural, extremely cost effective and environmentally sound.

But Sorbeo is no ordinary wood pellet bedding.

Made from spruce pine sourced within a 100-mile radius of our own factory in Ayrshire, Scotland, we pride ourselves on quality.

We have discerning customers who choose Sorbeo for its consistency and reliability. Sorbeo gives them assurance and is a 5* bedding for horses.

Each 18kg bag puffs up to three times its volume. And each pallet is stacked with 55 bags.

Simply add a small bucket of water to each bag of Sorbeo and let your horse do the rest!