Look no further… Sorbeo is the best horse bedding by far

If you’re looking for the best horse bedding – then look no further!

Sorbeo is made from the softest spruce pine in Scotland and promises to be the most efficient, most cost effective, most absorbent bedding you will ever use.

The best horse bedding for your horse…

Sorbeo is naturally antiseptic and fresh and will absorb odour and moisture produced by your horse. Giving you a long-lasting, dry, comfortable stable.

It is the best horse bedding for laminitics giving support through the feet forming a ‘cake’ in the sole and around the frog. It is superb for sufferers of thrush and mud fever and is ideal for horses and ponies with COPD and other allergies.

The best horse bedding for you…

Sorbeo will suit your pocket as it saves you time and money. Waste is reduced to a minimum and your muck heap will be noticeably smaller. The bedding is so absorbent you will only need to take away wet patches produced by your horse and droppings – very little Sorbeo will need to be removed from your stable. As a result your mucking out time will be cut in half.

Sorbeo is 100 per cent natural – with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Your life is about to get a whole lot easier –  use Sorbeo – the best horse bedding.