Why buy cheap horse bedding when there’s Sorbeo?

Sorbeo is the most cost-effective, high-quality pellet bedding around and will probably cost you less than any cheap horse bedding on the market. Why? Because Sorbeo is highly absorbent, 100% natural, and you get more for your money. Ultimately you will use less bedding in a week and your muck heap will be kept to a minimum.

Sorbeo is made from virgin spruce pine from sustainable Scottish forests – with the bark removed (this is what creates a dark, non-absorbent pellet bed). The wood we take away is replaced with young trees.

We roast our spruce pine at a low temperature over a number of days using the best biomass boilers around. This slow-cooking means that colour is retained, absorbency is kept at its highest and the natural resins are still intact to bind the finished pellet together. Its natural antiseptic qualities during the manufacturing process are retained – and it looks, feels and smells great.

You will only need to replenish your stable with one 18kg bag a week – and that will cost you as little as £5.72.

Sorbeo beats cheap horse bedding in every way.

Sorbeo is a consistent product – we guarantee its source – we never use cheap imports or waste wood and it is reliable. If it doesn’t say Sorbeo on the bag, it’s not Sorbeo in the bag.

Sorbeo Horse Bedding is the obvious choice – time saving, space saving, labour saving and best of all cost-effective. Sorbeo is good for your horse’s health and will suit any animal with allergies.

Sorbeo Horse Bedding is a premium brand and currently costs just £315 per pallet which includes VAT and delivery to mainland UK. Every 990kg pallet (1.65m x 1m x 1.2m) is stacked with 55 handy 18kg bags which expand up to three-times their original size. And once the stable is made, the bedding keeps on growing. Sorbeo is delivered in a lorry with a tail lift and pallet trolley – just tell us where you would like it delivered.

Forget cheap horse bedding – go for Sorbeo – best in horse bedding. Buy now!