Still using shavings for horses? Switch to Sorbeo today!

There has been a huge rise in the number of people switching from shavings for horses to wood pellet bedding.

In the past 10 years, horse-owners using shavings has dropped by more than 10 per cent. Ten years ago no-one had ever thought about using wood pellets as stable bedding . The shavings for horses loss has been Sorbeo’s gain.

In 2006 there were no recorded users of wood pellet bedding (source: The National Equestrian Survey – BETA), yet, today more than 15 per cent of you have switched from shavings.

Shavings for horses remains the most popular choice of bedding for 50% of horse-owners as they are most readily available – branded or otherwise.  In second place is straw followed by wood pellets.

The equine bedding market is characterised by unbranded products probably due to local suppliers and stockists. Horse-owners generally buy their shavings for horses direct from their local farmer or livery yard.

But why stick to shavings for horses?

They can be dusty, labour intensive, difficult to compost and bulky. Sorbeo costs less, is time-saving, easy to store and composts quickly.

We all like to stay within our comfort zone and stick with what we know. And it’s hard to change. But at Sorbeo we believe that once converted you will never look back.

Many Sorbeo fans used to use shavings for horses but now they wouldn’t use anything else. Sorbeo Horse Bedding is the obvious alternative – time-saving, space-saving, labour-saving and best of all cost-effective. Sorbeo is good for your horse’s health and will suit any animal with allergies. Made from slow-roasted spruce pine, Sorbeo retains its natural antiseptic qualities, looks and feels great.

Sorbeo’s handy 18kg bags expand to double to three-times their original size. And once the stable is made, the bedding keeps on growing. Sorbeo is delivered in a lorry with a tail lift and pallet trolley – just tell us where you would like it delivered.

Forget shavings for horses – go for Sorbeo – best in horse bedding.

The average time to muck out a Sorbeo stable is between 2 and 5 minutes as the bedding falls easily through the fork – so there is very little waste. You will find shavings for horses stays on the fork as it does not fall to the ground so easily… so more will end up in your wheelbarrow and on your muck heap.

Sorbeo decomposes far more quickly than shavings for horses as the wood we use has been roasted over a number of days so speeding up the decomposition process.

A pallet of Sorbeo is just 1m x 1.20 x 1m and can last one horse a whole year. Compare that with the size of a pallet of shavings for horses. Sorbeo is far less bulky and will take up less space in your yard.

Use Sorbeo horse bedding – it’s far less mucking about.