The ultimate pine bedding – Sorbeo

Very few brands of bedding can guarantee the quality and source of the wood that fills their bags. Here at Sorbeo we can 100 percent guarantee that each of our bags is packed full of premium quality spruce pine bedding.

We obtain our wood from sustainable UK pine forests. The wood we take away – we replace.

Sorbeo is manufactured at our very own factory on the west coast of Scotland – we never import our bedding or the wood that it is made from. We even use the same wood in our very own biomass boiler which heats and treats the wood to create the finished pine bedding.

Spruce pine is the softest of all the pines. And by using renewable energy to create the bedding, we retain its softness and absorbency. This is because we use lower temperatures and a longer manufacturing process to create the pine bedding which avoids the breakdown and overheating  of the final pellet. This unique process retains the colour, texture and natural resins of Sorbeo pine bedding.

Sorbeo Pine Bedding keeps your horse healthy

Sorbeo bedding is developed and made specifically to help you keep your horse healthy, happy and comfortable in the stable. So the right choice of pine bedding is essential to your horse’s health. Any moisture created by your horse sinks deep into the Sorbeo bed leaving the top clean, dry and free from ammonia. Wet areas remain localised in one place… while any droppings stay on the surface for easy removal. Mucking out becomes a doddle with very little waste!

Use Sorbeo pine Bedding – it’s far less mucking about!

Available in 990kg or 486kg pallets in 18kg bags. For information on multiple pallets call 01466 700367.