Sorbeo Horse Bedding UK – premium quality from Scotland

Sorbeo was launched in 2014 and since then has emerged in the horse bedding UK market as one of the top premium brands.

When you buy Sorbeo you buy quality, assurance and reliability. We can tell you where the Sorbeo wood was grown to create the bedding. We know that the wood we use to make Sorbeo is spruce pine and we were there during its manufacture. And when we take away a tree we replace it with another one.

The heat that is used to make the bedding is created using our own biomass boilers which gently roasts the wood.

The Sorbeo Horse Bedding UK factory is situated in Girvan, on the west coast of Scotland. It produces 100,000 tonnes of pellets a year for the horse bedding UK and energy market. It is working 24/7 making the UK’s perfect pellets.

Did you know that we are the largest wood pellet factory in the UK and that we use renewable energy to make our bedding?

The majority of pellet horse bedding in the UK is imported from Europe and Russia. Most imported pellet bedding contains an additive which keeps the pellets whole during transportation.

As demand for horse bedding in the UK increases there is the danger that these cheap imports will flood the market.

But by buying Sorbeo, we can guarantee that every perfect pellet is produced from UK-grown sustainable spruce pine which is brought into the factory everyday.

Only the bedding inside the bags which bear the distinctive horse’s face is guaranteed to be Sorbeo – you won’t find it anywhere else – or packaged in any other way.

Sorbeo Horse Bedding’s UK-wide distribution is handled by Caledonian Logistics. We deliver from the very North of Scotland to Devon and Cornwall, south to Southampton and east to shores of Kent and Essex.

Sorbeo Horse Bedding is delivered with a quality guarantee and our bags contain no cheap imports.


So reduce your carbon hoofprint and buy Sorbeo Horse Bedding UK – the nation’s favourite premium pellet bedding.