Sorbeo vs Horse bedding shavings – the real nitty-gritty

Horse bedding shavings are still the number one choice for horse owners and their stables, but Sorbeo is fast becoming the popular alternative.

For those of you interested in the nitty-gritty of how Sorbeo is more superior read on…

Sorbeo horse bedding is space-saving, more economical and easier to manage. With very little waste your muck heap will be kept to a minimum.

Your horse will love Sorbeo too – it absorbs odour and moisture, is naturally antiseptic and fresh, is the best bed for laminitics and is ideal for horses with allergies and asthma.

But here’s the real deal…

The raw moisture content of horse bedding shavings is about 50% – while Sorbeo’s moisture content is only 7%… so why pay for unwanted moisture – let your horse produce that!

horse bedding shavings comparison chart

Horse bedding shavings take up five times more space than Sorbeo.

That means you can store ten bags of Sorbeo in the place of two bales of shavings. So 40kg of shavings take up the same space as 90kg Sorbeo.

The absorbency capacity of  horse bedding shavings is 100% while Sorbeo is a massive 250% – this means that your horse can produce up to two and a half times more moisture and it will all be absorbed by Sorbeo.

If you want to get really technical, the ‘bulk density’ of ordinary horse bedding shavings is 125kg per cubic metre while Sorbeo is a huge 650kg per cubic metre. In English, this means that if you were to have an area of a cubic metre and you compressed your bedding to remove all of its air and moisture you would have five times more Sorbeo for your money than horse bedding shavings.

And the best bit...

Sorbeo is only £4.90 for an 18kg bag.

The average cost of a 20kg bale of horse bedding shavings is £9… that means you are paying £4.50 for up to 10kg of moisture!

Sorbeo has got to be the best alternative to horse bedding shavings.