Sorbeo – the ultimate equine pellet bedding solution…

Sorbeo is the ultimate equine pellet bedding solution for the 21st century.

Sorbeo is a high-quality, super absorbent, cost-effective equine bedding made in Scotland using sustainable virgin spruce pine from Scottish forests.

Sorbeo is made from environmentally-sound wood pellets, made at our very own pellet plant in Scotland. This gives us total quality control – we know where the wood comes from and how the equine pellets are made.

The majority of equine pellets on the market today are imported from eastern Europe which can simply be compressed sawdust with an additive – a glue – which ensures that the equine pellet retains its shape during transit to the UK. These equine pellets break down to dust and make for a chalky, dusty equine bedding.

At the Sorbeo factory, our wood is slowly roasted over a few days using our own biomass boilers which extracts every milligram of moisture from the finished pellets. The natural resins which bind the pellets together are not lost. This unique process retains the pale colour of the equine pellet bedding and improves its overall absorbency. You will find that more moisture is absorbed over a longer period of time making Sorbeo the ultimate equine wood pellet bedding.

Mucking out becomes less of a chore while waste is kept to a minimum. 

Sorbeo equine bedding saves time, money and muscle power – with or without rubber stable mats. Sorbeo is easily stored and managed in confined spaces – each 1m x 1.2m pallet is stacked with 55 x 18kg bags. And Sorbeo’s special absorbent qualities cuts dust and waste to a minimum and we deliver direct to your stable door.

Sorbeo equine pellet bedding – 100% natural wood pellet bedding

Sorbeo equine pellet bedding is made from 100% Spruce Pine soft wood which is naturally antiseptic and is great for horses and ponies with any foot problems from mudfever to laminitis and is fantastic for horses and ponies which suffer from dust allergies. It even smells pine fresh!

Each pallet of Sorbeo equine pellet bedding weighs 990kg (55 x 18kg) and costs £304 inc VAT and delivery to mainland UK.

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