Sorbeo Pellet Beds – the new bedding for the 21st century

Sorbeo pellet beds have revolutionised the way we are mucking out. Gone are the hours spent hauling barrows full of muck and straw creating massive piled-high muck heaps. Now, it just takes just five minutes of your time everyday to maintain your Sorbeo pellet bed.

Using Sorbeo pellet beds is life-changing. We estimate a saving of up to an hour a day per horse – that’s five hours a week or 260 hours a year – roughly 10 days of your life can be saved over the year. And think how you could use that time. Spend it with your horse – riding, grooming or just chilling…

We understand how tricky it can be to make the decision to change the way you work. But once you have made that change you will wonder what took you so long. Mucking out becomes a pleasure (really?) and less of a chore… and some even say it’s fun. Watch how the Sorbeo pellet beds fluff up.

But how is a Sorbeo pellet bed different from other pellet beds?

For a start Sorbeo is made in the UK. Today, there are only four wood pellet factories in Britain. And Sorbeo is the only dedicated brand of wood pellet horse bedding.

Most other wood pellets in this country are imported. That means there is no guarantee how they are made, what they are made from or what additives they have in them – European pellet beds have a starch binding agent added to keep the pellet intact during transportation. Ultimately this makes for a chalky-finished pellet bed.

Sorbeo is made from Spruce pine from sustainable forests in Scotland. Our pellet beds are dust-free, naturally antiseptic, labour-saving, cost-effective, 100 per cent natural, highly absorbent and very low in waste.

What more could you want?

Sorbeo – it’s far less mucking about…