Tempted to try Sorbeo bedding? Weigh up the pros & cons…

There is a huge variety of Horse Bedding on the market – from the traditional straw and shavings beds to the more unusual hemp and paper. If you’re struggling to decide which Horse Bedding is the best for you, your pocket and your horse then we think we might be able to help you.

Here’s our quick ‘at a glance’ guide to each type of horse bedding on the market today.


Wood Pellets

Wood pellet bedding is fast becoming the popular Horse Bedding choice. Wood is heat treated and the pellet is formed using the natural wood resins. Water is added to ‘activate’ the horse bedding.


High absorbency


Keep your muck heap to a minimum

Decompose quickly

Save time and money

Easy to store – low bulk


Some companies use compressed sawdust which is not a proper pellet which produces a very dusty bed.

Beware imported pellets – as their source is unknown

Watch the amount of VAT you pay…. Horse Bedding is subject to 20% VAT. Some companies sell at 5% VAT which is highly illegal.

There are only a few wood pellet producers in the UK – Sorbeo makes its own pellets, in its own factory in Scotland.



An old-fashioned horse bedding and one of the cheapest there is.



Rots down well to produce garden manure

Aesthetically pleasing

Good for foaling


Can be messy to store

Creates a large muck heap

Expensive to dispose of

Can create allergic reactions

Horses tend to eat it


Paper and Cardboard

A mixture of shredded newspapers, magazines.


Dust free and horses don’t like to eat it

Good for allergic horses


Bales are easy to handle


Can be expensive

Costly to start-up bed

Blows around yard

Difficult to dispose of

Beds tend to become soggy


Wood Shavings

A popular choice of Horse bedding. Prices and quality vary.


Horses won’t eat this bedding

Available everywhere

Bales easy to handle and store


Very difficult to dispose of as the shavings don’t rot

Wet beds produce ammonia

Can have high levels of dust

Can be expensive



Horse Bedding made from the chopped stems of hemp or flax offers an alternative to shavings and paper.


Good for deep littering

More absorbent than shavings

Breaks down rapidly





Rubber Matting

Widely recognised at the complete horse bedding – but often users add Horse Bedding to soak up moisture.


Minimises the risk of injury – non-slip base

Easy to muck out – bedding can be hosed

Stable is generally warmer


Expensive set up costs

Can be cold in winter

Slow to dry

Not aesthetically pleasing

If in doubt, always choose Sorbeo Horse Bedding – best horse bedding! Made in Scotland.