Sorbeo – A Modern Horse Bedding for the 21st century

Today’s modern horse owners are constantly looking for ways to improve stable efficiency. Gone are the days when there was just the choice of straw or shavings to bed down horses.

Large muck heaps and dusty shavings are a thing of the past – no more heaving of great barrow loads of muck to your muck heap…

Savvy horse-owners are turning their backs on high-maintenance, expensive beds and have discovered the pleasure of working with Sorbeo – the modern horse bedding for today’s modern market.

Modern horse bedding Sorbeo saves time and money, waste is reduced to a minimum and it is highly absorbent. Sorbeo halves mucking out time and is 100 per cent natural.

Mucking out with Sorbeo is a quick and tidy business. Just remove your horse’s droppings and scrape away any wet areas taking care to leave dry, unused bedding behind. We expect that less than a barrow load of droppings will be taken away each day – with hardly any bedding being wasted at all. Top up your stable with just one bag of Sorbeo a week.

Sorbeo Modern Horse Bedding

Not only is Sorbeo horse bedding good for the modern horse owner but it is great for the modern horse too. Sorbeo is made from sustainable spruce pine which is naturally antiseptic. It absorbs odours and moisture and provides a clean, dry comfortable stable. Its low dust content means it is ideal for horses with allergies and asthma too.

Vet approved, Sorbeo also proviodes the best bed for laminitic horses and ponies as it forms a supportive cake around the frog of affected feet. So if your lamintic horse or pony is on box rest – Sorbeo is the great modern choice.

If you are thinking of converting to Sorbeo to enjoy all its benefits and would like more information, call us on 01466 700367.

Sorbeo – fast-becoming Britain’s favourite modern horse bedding.