Sorbeo Horse Bedding – saves time & money -switch today!

Are you spending too much time and money on your current horse bedding? Did you know that you can save on both if you switch to Sorbeo Horse Bedding.

Sorbeo is a modern horse bedding for the 21st century.

Across the UK, wood pellet based horse bedding is fast becoming the popular alternative replacing the more traditional horse bedding straw and shavings.

Sorbeo is made in the UK on the west coast of Scotland from sustainable spruce pine, premium grade timber from Scotland’s forests.

Pale spruce pine is fed into the Sorbeo pellet maker and is slowly roased over a number of days driving out every milligram of moisture. This means you’re not paying for unwanted moisture – let your horse produce that!

Sorbeo Horse Bedding

Use Sorbeo and your waste will be reduced to a minimum. It is highly absorbent, halves your mucking out time and on top that is 100 per cent natural.

Not only is it good for you but good for your horse. Sorbeo is made from Spruce pine – the softest of woods – which is naturally antiseptic and fresh. It absorbs odours and moisture up to three times its own volume and provides a clean, dry, comfortable bed.

Sorbeo horse bedding is the best bed for laminitics. It moulds itself into the hoof and around the frog to create a supportive ‘cake’ – yet remains soft which is ideal for chronic or acute cases.

Sorbeo horse bedding fluffs up into a dry and easily forked bed. Just activate the horse bedding in the bag with a dash of water and within minutes the horse bedding is ready to use – providing a soft, long-lasting, dry and comfortable stable bed.

Order Sorbeo Horse Bedding today… it’s far less mucking about!