Best Horse Bedding – ‘Reduce your carbon hoofprint…’

Sorbeo really is the best horse bedding. It is the best because it is made from 100% spruce pine from sustainable Scottish forests.

Spruce pine soft-wood makes the best bedding. It is the best horse bedding for absorbency, it soaks up every drop of moisture that your horse produces. Leaving you with a pine fresh stable every day… and did you know that spruce pine has natural antiseptic qualities?

We are proud to say that Sorbeo is the cleanest, greenest horse bedding on the market today. We use our own energy pellets to heat our boilers to make Sorbeo… that is why our USP is ‘reduce your carbon hoofprint’.

Best Horse Bedding – Sorbeo

By using Sorbeo, your muck heap will be reduced to a minimum as with a daily muck out, no clean bedding is lost. Just take out your horse’s droppings and remove wet patches as and when suits you. In minutes you have another clean bed leaving you more time to ride. Just top up your bed with a fresh bag of Sorbeo as and when required.

Sorbeo – the Best Horse Bedding – no question!

louisa jumping sorbeo 2

 ‘Sorbeo really is the best horse bedding’

Louisa Milne Home, top event rider