Horse Bedding

Today we have a choice of horse bedding from the traditional straw and shavings through to the more obscure chopped up egg boxes and hemp bedding. Wood pellet horse bedding has increased in popularity in recent years.

But in a recent survey, 40 per cent of horse owners said they have never tried wood pellet based bedding yet the most important factor when purchasing is the absorbency.

71 per cent of people buying bedding said that high absorbency was the reason they would choose a horse bedding in the first instance.

It is a known fact that wood pellet based bedding has the highest absorbency of all. Straw and shavings beddings have a moisture content of between 20 and 40 per cent, whereas Sorbeo’s moisture content is just 8 per cent – we dry it so you’re not paying for unwanted moisture – let your horse produce that!

Horse Bedding – Sorbeo

There are a host of reasons why Sorbeo horse bedding is so popular now. It is made from premium grade timber from Scotland’s forests – which guarantees its source. We use pale spruce pine timber to make the bedding which retains its pine freshness and antiseptic qualities. And each finished bag of our bedding weighs 18Kg… bigger than most other brands, yet very manageable.

Wood pellets are twice as absorbent as wood shavings, easy to store and easy to use. There is very little waste and they compost quickly. They are a natural product which offers a real alternative to traditional stable bedding.

Our bedding fluffs up into a dry and easily forked bed. You just need to add a dash of water to it and within minutes it is ready for making into a soft, long-lasting, dry comfortable stable bed.

Sorbeo is simply the best in horse bedding!


Horse Bedding