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Less mucking about

Making the bed

Super Sorbeo

Topping up

Horse Bedding


    Sorbeo is a super absorbent wood pellet based horse bedding that provides a high quality and cost effective bed. Our pellets are made in Scotland and we deliver direct to your stable door.


    Sorbeo is easy to use, virtually dust free and easy-to-clean. Any moisture produced by your horse is easily absorbed by Sorbeo making your job a whole lot easier – mucking out becomes less of a chore.


    Sorbeo is a completely natural product offering a real alternative to the more traditional forms of horse bedding including wood shavings, straw, paper and cardboard.


    Sorbeo is made from environmentally sound wood pellets, made at our very own pellet plant in Scotland. This gives us total quality control – we know where the wood comes from and how the pellets are made.


    With a wealth of experience and knowledge in this market, we understand that you need a product that you can rely on. Sorbeo won’t let you or your horses down.

Your questions answered…

What makes sorbeo different to other beds?

Sorbeo saves time, money and muscle power – with or without rubber stable mats. Sorbeo is easily stored and managed in confined spaces – each 1m x 1.2m pallet is stacked with 55 x 18kg bags. And Sorbeo’s special absorbent qualities cuts dust and waste to a minimum and we deliver direct to your stable door for just £270 (price includes delivery to mainland UK and VAT). Sorbeo is made from  100% Spruce Pine soft wood which is naturally antiseptic and is great for horses and ponies with any foot problems from mudfever to laminitis. It even smells pine fresh!

Why are sorbeo wood pellets better than others?

Sorbeo pellets are made from virgin soft wood which is slowly roasted over a few days which extracts every milligram of moisture from the finished pellets. This process retains the colour of the bedding and improves its overall absorbency. You will find that more moisture is absorbed over a longer period of time making sorbeo the ultimate wood pellet bedding.

How do I use sorbeo?

People use Sorbeo in many different ways. Water is added to the bag which fluffs up the pellets into a lovely dense, dry bedding. As you begin to use Sorbeo you will quickly work out how much water you prefer to add to each bag. Our Sorbeo fans with very wet horses sometimes top up their beds with dry pellets on top of the wet areas. Some add half the amount of water to begin with and as their horse walks in the stable the bedding mixes with the bedding underneath. Others pre-soak the bedding completely and change it everyday. You can even maintain a deep bed if you prefer, with banks as you would with shavings. Sorbeo is so versatile it will work the way you want it to. If you would like more help or advice please call us on 01466 700367.

What sort of floor do I need to use sorbeo?

Sorbeo works well on all types of flooring: rubber mats, concrete or natural. And it can be used for shallow or deep beds.

Do I have to add water to start a sorbeo bed?

We recommend that you do. If you use sorbeo straight from the bag you won’t have a fluffy, comfortable bed… and the pellets can be quite slippery if they are not ‘activated’ with water. You will quickly work out how much water suits you and your horse. Once the fresh bed has been made many sorbeo users like to top it up with dry sorbeo especially in very wet areas – it is very good for a particularly wet horse.

Why is sorbeo good for laminitic ponies?

Soft sorbeo moulds itself into the hoof and around the frog to create a supportive ‘cake’. With or without rubber matting sorbeo is ideal for the horse or pony with laminitis. Sorbeo is a great bedding for laminitics – it is supportive, yet soft which is ideal for chronic or acute sufferers.’ Donald McLean BVMS MRCVS, partner, Aberlour Veterinary Centre

Why is sorbeo better than straw?

Straw harbours dangerous micro-sized dust particles that you cannot see. These tiny dust pieces can be inhaled deep into the lungs of your horse and can contribute to respiratory ailments. Sorbeo does not carry these dust particles.

Why is sorbeo so time-saving?

Unlike straw, dry, useable bedding naturally falls through the tines of the fork to the floor – no waste, less effort. Try it. It takes just minutes to muck out a bed of sorbeo. Your muck heap will be tiny compared to a piled-high straw midden.

Do I have to soak my top up bags?

Not always. If you have a really wet horse it might be better if you add dry pellets to the stable.

What makes sorbeo so cost effective?

Sorbeo creates very little waste and saves time. It takes 3-5 minutes to muck out a Sorbeo stable leaving you time to get to work or do one of the other million jobs you have to juggle on a day-to-day basis. And you don’t even have to pick it up – we deliver to your stable door.

How do I buy sorbeo?

We deliver sorbeo in manageable 18kg bags – 55 bags to a pallet – giving you 990kg of sorbeo which should be enough for one horse for a whole year. Just call 0207 440 9577 or 01466 700367  or email sales@sorbeohorsebedding.co.uk. We will arrange delivery direct to your yard within a few days.

How does sorbeo reduce my carbon hoofprint?

Each 55kg bag of sorbeo is crammed with perfect little sorbeo pellets… They were once a mighty Spruce Pine tree – felled in a sustainable Scottish Forest. Every tree we take away is replaced with seedlings that replenish the forest. The tree was chopped into logs and taken to our nearby factory in Ayrshire. Within hours, our logs are ground through a mill powered by our biomass boilers using the same pellets as we produce. This is a highly efficient combined heat and power system. (By the way, our electricity is made from the bark that we peel away from the logs before the whole process begins.) The super soft wood is milled to a fine grain to make it mega absorbent. The wood is then dried using the same biomass boilers. While the wood is hot, it is squashed tightly and the original resin binds it together to make the marvellous sorbeo pellets which fluff up into a lovely, rich bedding. This way the natural antiseptic quality of the pine is retained. The finished little 6mm diameter pellets are 100% wood – no dust, nothing added and nothing taken away – and their high density means, ultimately, more pellets to your bag without a milligram of moisture – let your horse produce that!